Knight Light Candle


Exceptional Customer Service

At Knight Light Candle And Import Company, we sell all types of candles and wholesale and retail candles of any kind. Special orders are available for your convenience. There is a large selection of candles for you to choose from. We also have another location to better serve our customers. For more details, please feel free to give us a call anytime!



  Our Specialties:

We are the World's Most Complete Manufacturer / Distributor of Spiritual, Religious and New Age Items

We stock over 6,000 different items including Essential Oils, Herbal Products, Spiritual and Religious Books and more.

Featuring...  Brand Names of Ar-Jax®, Indio Poderoso®, River Jordan®, Dr. Pryor's®, Orishas®, 7 Sisters of New Orleans®, Anna Riva and Indio®